Combining the benefits of Lafarge’s Extensia
™ concrete with Velta’s Industrial 25 System Trent Construction Services can deliver a durable low maintenance flooring solution with an energy efficient heating and cooling system that can also be designed to transfer and reuse excess heat generated within a building.

Pipework systems are installed and incorporated into the concrete floorslab without detriment to the floors construction program and provides a solution requiring minimal maintenance delivering heat to the occupied working zone.

Combined with Hydromedia Trent Construction Services can deliver the Velta snow melt system bringing together the benefits provided by a permeable paving solution with the ability to ensure that the surface is available for use all year round.

Using Velta fixing systems to install the robust 25mm PEX pipe in the ground construction, the Velta snow and ice system is embedded safely below the surface and conducts heat upwards to keep the ground above free from snow and ice.