Topfloor (formerly known Lafarge Extensia™)

Focused closely on meeting a client’s demands for both program and performance and delivered using conventional and large bay construction methods by experienced operatives, working in partnership with suppliers such as Tarmac, Trent construction services advise on and install high performance concrete flooring to all the recognised floor flatness tolerances and finishes.

Tarmac Topfloor is a high strength, low shrink concrete developed by Lafarge from their close understanding of the hydration, shrinkage and cracking processes associated within a concrete floors structural behaviour.

Offering a flexural strength in excess of 6N/mm²  and a compressive strength typically in excess of 60N/mm² a Topfloor floorslab provides a realistic and more durable alternative to the more traditional concrete flooring and finishing solutions.

Combined with the appropriate cleaning regime Topfloor provides the ideal solution for a concrete floorslab for use in the more aggressive environments such as those encountered in the waste and recycling industry where it has been widely used, and to support this application is available in DC2 and DC4 compliant mixes.

Offering an alternative and higher performance concrete flooring solution in most ground bearing applications in addition to its core waste and retail markets Topfloor concrete flooring is ideally suited for internal floors in the wider industrial flooring and agricultural markets.