Welcome to Trent Construction Services, a specialist insitu concrete flooring contractor.

With significant experience in the concrete flooring industry the company’s senior personnel have the expertise and experience to advise on, and deliver nationwide, insitu concrete flooring solutions to the highest standards in the industry using qualified and experienced personnel.

Working closely with LafargeTarmac, we are focused on the delivery of high performance concrete flooring solutions utilising their specialist concretes designed for the use in concrete flooring applications.

Extensia™, a low shrink, high strength concrete, has been specifically designed by Lafarge for use in the more highly demanding commercial and industrial floors and has been regularly Installed by Trent on projects throughout the UK. 

Complementing the delivery of flooring solutions utilising specialist concretes is our ability and experience in delivering the more traditional concrete floor slabs on ground and upper floors generally carried out on a full supply basis. 

Trent deliver conventional flooring solutions to internal and external insitu concrete floorslabs using large pour, laserscreed, and conventional longstrip construction techniques.

If a floor, and particularly its joints, is not maintained its performance will deteriorate over the life of a building and with our significant industry experience Trent Construction Services personnel can advise on, and carry out maintenance and remedial works on both a proactive and reactive basis.